Our Top Picks for Special Needs Friendly Trips in & Around Montreal


We all love having the chance to enjoy the great activities Montreal has to offer. But what if a member of your family has special needs? It can be challenging to find enjoyable family friendly spots that also accommodate and welcome those with special needs.


At Friendship Circle we’ve had the opportunity to explore many activities around the city with our special friends! Below is our top picks of establishments that offer a great time  and accommodate & welcome people of all abilities




Quinn Farm

Quinn Farm is a perfect trip for the summer or fall. Check in advance to see what’s in season for picking! A tractor ride takes you to the field which our friends loved (alternatively it’s not too far if you want to walk). Then,  you have a chance to fill your bag or basket with the season’s goodies. Afterwards, your child can enjoy seeing the farm animals and playing on the farm themed playground. There’s also a nice indoor shop with bathrooms. We found the farm to be an affordable and great time with accommodating staff.

Granby Zoo  

Granby Zoo is a Friendship Circle’s yearly grand trip! There are so many great animal exhibits divided by country and continent so you can experience animals around the world. There’s lots of walking involved so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and take advantage of the strollers they offer at the entrance if your child has trouble with long walks! In addition to the zoo animals there’s a nice size amusement area with a variety of rides, many of which are included in the zoo fee.


Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park

Cap-Saint-Jacques is a perfect trip to enjoy Montreal’s glorious summer! They offer a wide variety of activities so you can plan ahead based on your child’s preferences and abilities.

Our favorite activities include archery, canoeing, swimming, and making sand castles on the private beach! The Park also has a large dining area and awesome staff!



PI-O Amusement Park

PI-O is a an amusement park just for children and it’s indoors too! It’s great for a variety of ages and perfect for a cold winter day. The staff is cheerful, energetic, and friendly. When a child had a hard time getting on and off a ride or wanted to stay over and over the staff easily accommodated them in a respectful and understanding manner.



Skytag’s wall-to-wall trampolines offer several activity areas and a foam pit! It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels! (They also have laser tag for those who don’t have sensitivity to laser lights)

We were most impressed by the staff who went out of their way to converse and welcome our friends with special needs! The manager at Skytag is extremely accommodating so feel free to call ahead if you have any concerns!


Musee Pour Enfants

The children’s Museum in Laval is great for children! So great in fact, that most of our special friends refused to leave:)  The museum features a mini city including a grocery store, restaurant, school, construction zone, fire truck, ambulance, farm, theater and more! Definitely a favorite of ours:)


IMAX TELUS Montréal Science Centre

Montreal Science Centre is great for a rainy day and open on holidays! The Science centre exhibits are beautifully made with lots of opportunity for hands on activities and experiences. We found it to be great for all ages. Additionally the Imax can be a great experience if your child is comfortable in a theater.


*Winter Fun


Village du Pere Noel (Val David)


A great and affordable Winter experience that really has something for everyone to enjoy!

The village has a farm area where you can enter and interact with the animals, snow tubing, play area, mini electric train, and trampolining! We loved how the staff interacted with our special friends!  They have a large chalet which is a great place to warm up and relax in a friendly environment.


Mont Avila

Mont Avila has quickly become our favorite snow tubing adventure! It’s a great time especially if you’re looking for something a bit grander than tubing around the city. We love that they have a smaller hill with a belt lift in addition to the bigger mountains, making it a great trip for all ages. They also offer rafting (a tube that accommodates about 10 ppl!) which is great for pilling the whole family in!


What’s your favorite family outing? Please comment below :)


*** Please note that the above is based on Friendship Circle’s experiences with children, teens, and young adults with and without special needs, and not a professional recommendation. Keep in mind that depending on your child’s challenges, you may have a different experience. We recommend always doing a bit of your own research while keeping your child's needs in mind!