Homework with your special needs child, tips to keep you sane!

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Homework presents a challenge for all parents. However,when a child has a learning disability, it can require extra thought and attention. The good news is with the right tips and tricks it can become manageable and enjoyable for the both of you!

Here are some pointers from Friendship Circle’s team therapist to help you  reach homework success!


1. Set up a distraction free work zone

It’s important for your child to have a designated quiet area with all toys and electronics removed. Having an assigned space can also help with creating a predictable homework routine.


2. Be Positive

Support your child by showing positivity and using encouraging statements. Your child can feel if you’re tense or frustrated so take a breather if you need to!  Kids perform much better in an encouraging environment!


3. Take Breaks

It can be hard for your child to sit and concentrate long enough to finish all their work. Therefore, short intervals followed by a predetermined reward or reinforcer can be very effective.


4. One idea at a time

Break up each part  of their work and be sure they understand it well before moving on.


5. Let them do the work

If your child is struggling on something particularly challenging it can be tempting to jump in and do it for them. Instead, be patient so they can learn the skills they need! Sit with them to help motivate them but let them do the work.



By:Melanie Bercovici 

Melanie is a behavioral therapist who runs Friendship Circle’s daily lounge program where teens & young adults learn life skills, social skills, and volunteer in a laid back enjoyable setting!