Prepare for New Year's with your special child



Winter has arrived and New Year’s is just around the corner! Here are so great ideas to help your child understand and prepare for the big day.



Create a Time Capsule

Together fill a jar or box with photos and items from favorite events or moments from the past year. On New Years, relieve those memories through going through the box.

Create a Collage

Make a collage using  pictures of 2017. Take out large sheets of paper and assist your child in attaching pictures from last January and on. Sequence the events in order and ask your child questions about what they remember from each function.

Fill out a Questionnaire or Survey

Assist your child in  filling out a questionnaire or survey about the year. It can become a fun family tradition to read these sheets and see how their answers have changed over the years. You can find great printable templates on Pinterest.   

Look Ahead

Use a dry erase board and ask your child to describe what they hope 2018 will look like. They can write down or draw future successes like doing better at school, learn a new skill etc.


Here are some ways to prepare for the celebration, work on important skills & have a great time!

Noise Makers

Have your child practice fine motor skills by making their own noise maker. Use a plastic bottle and let your child fill it with beans or rice, They’ll develop their fine motor skills by picking up the small objects. Then have fun decorating the bottle with any craft supplies you have on hand.

Happy New Year Cake!

Bake a Happy New Years cake together is a great way to connect and learn. Make the activity multisensory by encouraging your child to touch, smell, taste (when appropriate) and look at all of the ingredients. You can discuss measuring amounts while baking and colors and shapes when icing and decorating