The Special Needs Calendar 2017: A Year Of Awareness Events

Every month of the year has awareness events designed to bring attention to diseases and disabilities. Some you may hear about on social media or the blogs you read regularly. Others are less publicized but may be of most interest to you and your family.

We’ve gathered a list of special needs awareness months, weeks, and days into an infographic to keep you informed all year through. Download, print, and stick it up near your family calendar, and share this post with others to help raise awareness for all these worthy causes.

Are you aware of an awareness events we’ve missed? Share it in the comments.


By: Terri Mauro

Terri Mauro is the blog manager for Friendship Circle of Michigan. She was previously the guide to Parenting Special Needs, and is the author of 50 Ways to Support Your Child's Special Education and The Everything Parents Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder. You can read more of her work on her website Mothers With Attitude and listen to her every weekday on the Parenting Roundabout Podcast. Terri has two children with special needs adopted from Russia in 1994.

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