Everyone Meet Mikey


Everyone meet Mikey.
Mikey is such an awesome kid.
He loves to explore everything
Mikey loves his friends and is always trying to make them smile. 
He loves balloons, granola bars, & adores the alphabet and falls asleep to the rhythm of the bus. 
Mikey is like any other kid, 
he loves life and sees no difference between himself and others, 
some may look at Mikey and see a kid who is different, 
a kid who refrains from riding the rides in amusement parks, 
a child who is autistic.

But that is merely a typo for artistic.

For Mikey is far greater than that,
he is like any other child; 
growing with a fascination for the scents and sights around him
a kid who is merely trying to laugh and enjoy himself. 
Mikey is the child within every single one of us, 
it was such an honour to become his friend over the past two days at winter camp
Mikey, like anyone else at the friendship circle, is the reason that I train for this marathon.
His hugs, his blue eyes staring back at me with a mischievous smile, and the way he interacts with others makes me smile. 
He reminds me that we are all the same.

By Shira Perton